Aracely 4.23.12

I have gone to the website of TDH and to the blog to read some recipes. I have choosen 10 of which look delicous to add to the book. So far I have been reading the recipes to try them, and also have done a little grocery shopping to start cooking some of TDH recipes … Continue reading

Talya M. 4/16/12

I went to the divine hostess website this week and reviewed the content. I also went to the blog and reviewed the postings. After reviewing the posts I sent my top ten favorite recipes to Tiffini with some comments. I’m getting inspired my the what I’ve seen so far and I excited to try out … Continue reading

An Intro to TDH (Tiffini)

This week we worked on the first presentation and assigning roles. We have about 8 major tasks and are now creating a calendar of deadlines to prioritize and set goals. By this coming week we should have a good schedule set up to strategically knock out each task. We have had a few challenges, like … Continue reading