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Progress (Tiffini)

I really took to heart what I read in the 4 Steps to the Epiphany. At some point, the research I’m doing must be tested by actually doing. So, I’m ready. Before I was so focused on being perfect before I released anything for press, but now I know it has to be good and … Continue reading

Update from Tiffini

This week has been especially hard to stay on task. For one thing, the group has been busy with other school work and as a result has not had much for TDH. Some successes: improved views on the blog, an increase in Facebook likes, and I was able to increase an ad on LinkedIn. It … Continue reading

Tiffini 5.6.12 SEOs, Social Media, Etc

This Friday I had a conference call with two members of the music group Zamarising. They are an up and coming young musical group with an edgy urban feel. We talked for about 3 hours about the visions we have and brand filtering, ideas for marketing, how to maximize social media channels. One conclusion we … Continue reading

Tiffini 4/25/12

I was really happy with the amount of responses we received for interviews and surveys. I just didn’t know how much survey monkey has changed over the years. Their site has become much more professional, and as a result–they are making more money. The free account only allows limited functionality, but the cheapest paid account … Continue reading

An Intro to TDH (Tiffini)

This week we worked on the first presentation and assigning roles. We have about 8 major tasks and are now creating a calendar of deadlines to prioritize and set goals. By this coming week we should have a good schedule set up to strategically knock out each task. We have had a few challenges, like … Continue reading