Progress (Tiffini)

I really took to heart what I read in the 4 Steps to the Epiphany. At some point, the research I’m doing must be tested by actually doing. So, I’m ready. Before I was so focused on being perfect before I released anything for press, but now I know it has to be good and that’s it. Not perfect. Take the YouTube community for instance: some of the most popular people on YouTube have come a long long way. Some have improved content, but not the actually quality of their videos. My hypothesis is that people watch them because they are interesting, likeable, talking about something worthwhile, and consistent with posting. I’d love to draw the kind of following that some of these vloggers have, but it does take time. I posted my first video on YouTube and have gotten good feedback thus far. I’m experimenting with my camera, tripod, and editing software. I don’t have much. I use an iPhone for videos. But it’s a start!

This past week I met with a consultant about publishing through createspace, got a business EIN, met with a bank, designed business cards, designed t-shirts, added content to my blog and planned my next few weeks of vlogging and recipes.


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