5.16.12 Aracely

I have tried the Onions that add pizzaz. I added to my steak with my rice and beans, it was something new in my life, im usually eating what my mother makes; frijoles and arroz (beans and rice) her mexican style cooking. My older sister in the only one who usually cooks from outside the mexican style. I’ve learning most of my mothers recipes and want to learn my grandmothers too. But next i will try to make the springy kale & cucumber salad, i dont have alot of time in my hands to cook, but when im hungry ill stir things up. Like the pizzaz on my steak, rice and bean bowl with a some cheese..i got to say i love onions, the bigger the piece the more flavor in my mouth. Being able to read your recipes have given me more choice to eat. I enjoyed the onions thank you tiffini.

So i been looking around other cook books on amazon and barnes&noble, i have notice that some cook books have reasonable prices in the nook book and in the kindle book. Some books range from zero dollars to fifth. But the books that cost more, their cover looks catchy, and make me want to devour the cover.



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