Tiffini 5.6.12 SEOs, Social Media, Etc

This Friday I had a conference call with two members of the music group Zamarising. They are an up and coming young musical group with an edgy urban feel. We talked for about 3 hours about the visions we have and brand filtering, ideas for marketing, how to maximize social media channels. One conclusion we all came to was that it takes. Some of those we admire have been “in the game” a while before having 20,000 followers or 1 million views on YouTube. It was encouraging.

This weekend, Charli Penn, editer for Essence and writer for manwifedog.com had a very interesting interview with someone from Ebony magazine, as she was chosen as one of the top 20 bloggers for National Black Blogger’s month. I found her interview encouraging. One thing she said was “write to the audience you want, and they will come. Don’t change your voice for those you do have.” I felt this was an important point going back to the conversation I had with the musical group, zR.

I was able to:

  • Post a few more blogs to be published at  later time
  • Schedule a meeting with TDH Launch
  • Set action items
  • Promote the blog on Facebook, twitter
  • Watch a few YouTubers and glean from their professionalism to prepare for my own videos
  • Tape 3 practice videos in preparation for building my YouTube channel


  • Still unable to get a lot of blog subscribers
  • No editing done
  • Not many new likes on Facebook
  • Not as much response as usual this weekend on Twitter, unsure why

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