Talya 5.3.12

I made the spicy pesto pasta dish last week and sent some notes and pictures to Tiffini on how it came out. I also provided feedback from the people that ate the dish with me. I plan to make and provide notes on at least 2 more dishes to give Tiffini some customer/user feedback.

I also conducted a few in person surveys regarding the cookbook. My results were put in the presentation done on Wednesday. It’s interesting to see how much our assumptions about our customer base varied per or were affirmed by the feedback we recieved. I’m understanding why gathering this type of information is important when trying to sustain and/or grow a buisness.


One thought on “Talya 5.3.12

  1. Keep going! Which recipe should my wife try? Next time you present, put you results and pivots on the canvas. ML

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