Tiffini 4/25/12

I was really happy with the amount of responses we received for interviews and surveys. I just didn’t know how much survey monkey has changed over the years. Their site has become much more professional, and as a result–they are making more money. The free account only allows limited functionality, but the cheapest paid account is like $170 per year. That’s a bit too much for me right now. I’ll have to stick to this or find another survey site.

I’m really concerned with marketing. Last week, I ran a marketing ad on Facebook for my fan page (facebook.com/divinehostess) I paid $10 a day for 3 days, and got a little over 40 new fans. I wish I had a larger budget. 17,000 views only results in 40 clicks! That’s not a whole lot. The next time I run the ad, I will work on the wording as well.

I’m still editing my book, although this weekend I did not make much progress. I need help testing recipes. It’s really hard to get people to commit to testing them.

I’m currently preparing for recording video for my site. I have material to record, but the lighting as been a problem so far. We are going to approach the college of film and media and see what resources exist.


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