Posted in April 2012

Talya 4/25/12

Last week I looked at the production plan Tiffini sent and provided comments. This week I plan to test a few recipes on the blog. They will most likely be the Just Peachy Turnovers, Spring Kale and Cucumber Salad and Spicy and Romantic Pesto Pasta. I’ll try to take pictures and provide feedback on each … Continue reading

Aracely 4/25

In lecture we are talking about how are we going to catch our customers attention or how are going to get customers ? So, I brought up the idea of tableling on campus. Tiffini can distribute small samples of her cooking plus advertise her business. I have been trying to figure out who we need … Continue reading

Tiffini 4/25/12

I was really happy with the amount of responses we received for interviews and surveys. I just didn’t know how much survey monkey has changed over the years. Their site has become much more professional, and as a result–they are making more money. The free account only allows limited functionality, but the cheapest paid account … Continue reading

Aracely 4.23.12

I have gone to the website of TDH and to the blog to read some recipes. I have choosen 10 of which look delicous to add to the book. So far I have been reading the recipes to try them, and also have done a little grocery shopping to start cooking some of TDH recipes … Continue reading

Talya M. 4/16/12

I went to the divine hostess website this week and reviewed the content. I also went to the blog and reviewed the postings. After reviewing the posts I sent my top ten favorite recipes to Tiffini with some comments. I’m getting inspired my the what I’ve seen so far and I excited to try out … Continue reading

An Intro to TDH (Tiffini)

This week we worked on the first presentation and assigning roles. We have about 8 major tasks and are now creating a calendar of deadlines to prioritize and set goals. By this coming week we should have a good schedule set up to strategically knock out each task. We have had a few challenges, like … Continue reading