Updates 6.1.12 (Tiffini)

I did it! I have begun the process to publishing and opening a business account. Everything feels more official now, and the progress is up to me. The people at Createspace have a long laundry list of things they need from me, so I’ve set up morning office hours for myself to get a little … Continue reading

Progress (Tiffini)

I really took to heart what I read in the 4 Steps to the Epiphany. At some point, the research I’m doing must be tested by actually doing. So, I’m ready. Before I was so focused on being perfect before I released anything for press, but now I know it has to be good and … Continue reading

Update from Tiffini

This week has been especially hard to stay on task. For one thing, the group has been busy with other school work and as a result has not had much for TDH. Some successes: improved views on the blog, an increase in Facebook likes, and I was able to increase an ad on LinkedIn. It … Continue reading

5.16.12 Aracely

I have tried the Onions that add pizzaz. I added to my steak with my rice and beans, it was something new in my life, im usually eating what my mother makes; frijoles and arroz (beans and rice) her mexican style cooking. My older sister in the only one who usually cooks from outside the … Continue reading

Action Items due May 14th (Tiffini)

Please reply and let me know if you have forwarded my email yet. The one I am referring to asks friends and family to like my facebook page and follow my blog. If you have already, thanks in advance. Please submit your blog posts for this week. Don’t forget to include reviews of recipes. *** … Continue reading

Tiffini 5.6.12 SEOs, Social Media, Etc

This Friday I had a conference call with two members of the music group Zamarising. They are an up and coming young musical group with an edgy urban feel. We talked for about 3 hours about the visions we have and brand filtering, ideas for marketing, how to maximize social media channels. One conclusion we … Continue reading

Talya 5.3.12

I made the spicy pesto pasta dish last week and sent some notes and pictures to Tiffini on how it came out. I also provided feedback from the people that ate the dish with me. I plan to make and provide notes on at least 2 more dishes to give Tiffini some customer/user feedback. I … Continue reading

Talya 4/25/12

Last week I looked at the production plan Tiffini sent and provided comments. This week I plan to test a few recipes on the blog. They will most likely be the Just Peachy Turnovers, Spring Kale and Cucumber Salad and Spicy and Romantic Pesto Pasta. I’ll try to take pictures and provide feedback on each … Continue reading

Aracely 4/25

In lecture we are talking about how are we going to catch our customers attention or how are going to get customers ? So, I brought up the idea of tableling on campus. Tiffini can distribute small samples of her cooking plus advertise her business. I have been trying to figure out who we need … Continue reading

Tiffini 4/25/12

I was really happy with the amount of responses we received for interviews and surveys. I just didn’t know how much survey monkey has changed over the years. Their site has become much more professional, and as a result–they are making more money. The free account only allows limited functionality, but the cheapest paid account … Continue reading